Developing an engaging mobile ready website that converts visitors into leads and leads into buyers, will provide an effective hub for your digital marketing campaigns – and will lay the foundation for your online success.
Here are seven key steps for achieving website success.

  1. Discovery – Understand What You Need
    Your website may have many marketing objectives, but it’s important to focus on what your customers and potential customers want. Using buyer personas is an ideal starting point to guide you in the right direction.
  2. Budget – Think Investment, Not Cost
    A website is no longer a static shop window – it’s an interactive platform that will keep your customers engaged and create brand loyalty. Your digital marketing budget should reflect this.
  3. Planning – Crucial to Your Success
    In addition to planning your website, you will need a complete marketing plan that includes other online strategies that will attract visitors to your site. Only then are you ready to start constructing a full digital marketing campaign
  4. Design and Build
    If the discovery and planning stages are successful, the design and development strategy for your website will be become obvious, as your online objectives will guide the construction.
  5. Test and Debug
    This step is often rushed, but is vital for delivering a great customer experience. Make sure you allocate enough time for all the necessary QA and UE checks to be completed thoroughly.
  6. Pre and Post Launch Activities
    It’s important to capitalize on the marketing opportunities your new website will provide when launched. Incorporate and maximize your social media coverage, search engine exposure and data capture.
  7. Analyze and Improve

Regular measurement and analysis of the data your website can provide will allow you to continually tweak and improve to ensure you achieve a generous return on your website investment.

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